Daniel Madariaga is a Mexican businessman with interests in green construction, combating air pollution and green building, reducing air pollution, and traffic congestion through the implementation of environmental public policies. 

We provide technological solutions for urban traffic and mobility problems.

  • Finding ecological solutions
  • Interests in green building
  • Fight against ocean pollution

Our vision

Smart Parking System

Solve the traffic, congestion and mobility problems of the Mexican urban population

Green Technology System

Green technology solve mobility problems in the capital of Mexico

Green building

Green buildings help preserve natural resources while helping to improve the quality of life of the occupants.

Mobility As A Service

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To improve efficiency, renewable energies should use technology. technology will become highly relevant in the field of energy.


Smart Parking system that will solve the traffic, congestion and mobility problems of the Mexican urban population.


This concept is born to stay and promulgates concern about environmental problems and global warming generated during the second half of the twentieth century.


Daniel Madariaga and other environmental specialists promote the use of green structures and technology to minimize environmental impact and improve the lives of citizens.