To improve efficiency, renewable energies must use technology: Daniel Madariaga Barrilado

To make the most optimal use, renewable energies such as photovoltaic cells must be adapted and improved to be more efficient, said Daniel Madariaga Barrilado, an expert in renewable energy and sustainability.

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), revealed that climate change will generate variations in the way solar energy is captured, for this reason for better use, technology will have to change too.

According to Madariaga Barrilado, the field of opportunities to take advantage of renewable energy will expand, as new jobs and growth will be generated in this and other sectors.

According to the European Jobs and Developments in Europe report of the European Union, in that continent alone, within the transition to environmentally friendly energies, more than 1.2 million new job positions would be generated by 2030.

Some of the most benefited sectors will be: agriculture, construction, consumer goods, and energy generation; On the other hand, the fossil fuel extraction industry could experience a loss of 60 percent.

Progressively, some professions will improve, new ones will be created and there will be specialization in fields alongside growth. In different industries, it is increasingly common to seek specialists in renewable energy, ”said Daniel. Madariaga Barrel.

However, that will not be the only field in which innovations will be developed, as sectors such as technology will become highly relevant in the field of energy.

The transformation of renewable energies will be accompanied by digital tools that will guarantee greater efficiency, exploitation, savings and of course, economic and social improvements for the world population,” says Madariaga Barrilado.

Data analysis, artificial intelligence, Big Data and other technology-derived solutions will be key to the study of, for example, weather conditions, to improve the efficiency of wind or solar energy,

This will allow a greater margin of action to deploy this type of energy, while giving greater certainty of its conditions and processes. However, the evolution must be given with the greatest commitment of all involved, ”he emphasized.