In How Daniel Madariaga and his Intelligent Parking system can improve Mexico radically in the next decade


Daniel Madariaga Barrilado has a vision: that of a Smart Parking system that will solve the problems of traffic, congestion and mobility of the Mexican urban population. This plan, which uses the most advanced technologies of the day, will also have the effect of reducing the impact of the city and its people on the environment.

Daniel Madariaga Barrilado, businessman and expert in urban mobility issues He affirms that one of the biggest trends in the next five years will be the creation and adoption of automatic parking systems in the big cities of the world. Daniel Madariaga notes that the demand for this type of system grows every year, and that in 2018, the global market for smart parking exceeded $ 3 billion. The value of this same market is expected to reach $ 9.1 billion by 2024.

Automated or semi-automated parking systems already exist in Europe, Asia, and the United States, sometimes accompanied by robotic valet parking services. In the case of the systems that have been installed in New York and San Francisco in the USA, it is observed that they can accommodate up to four times the number of vehicles than in a traditional parking lot.

Smart Parking systems often occupy multi-story buildings (up to twenty or more), with technology that automatically directs the vehicle into your space. In an intelligent parking system that is fully automated, the driver only has to leave his vehicle in a marked area on the ground floor of the building, and computerized mechanisms direct the location of the car. When leaving, the system returns the car in less than three or five minutes to the driver.

One of the biggest advantages of Smart Parking is the extent to which it can maximize urban space. Nevertheless, Daniel Madariaga sees another possibility of equal importance: that of including ecological solutions in construction. The urban mobility expert is also a leader in the sustainable construction movement. The entrepreneur is excited about the possibility of using sustainable materials in the Smart Parking construction plans, and the idea of ​​including other “green” solutions in the construction and implementation of the facilities.

Daniel Madariaga already sees the first steps of raising awareness among Mexican citizens regarding the importance of sustainable mobility He affirms that the Smart Parking plan will offer them an effective alternative in the use of the car, at the same time that it modernizes the Mexican panorama, eliminating headaches for motorists and constructing buildings that are beneficial to the environment.

The rapid evolution in parking solutions will have almost immediate impacts for all Mexicans living in large cities. Citizens will see improvement in the use of energy, sustainability and transportation in Mexico.