Daniel Madariaga provides important donation to SOS Children's Villages

The future of Mexico City and the world is in the hands of the younger generation. Entrepreneur Daniel Madariaga understands how important a good education is for children to learn and make a difference in the future. For the International Education Day of 2020, Daniel Madariaga Barrilado took a step to help make a difference in the lives of children in Mexico City. Your recent donation to the SOS Children's Village in Mexico City is a step to ensure that our children have the tools they need to succeed and give back to Mexico City and the world.

UNESCO International Education Day

While much of the world is focused on climate change, renewable resources and building a better world, more than 258 million children worldwide cannot attend school. In fact, 617 million children and adolescents cannot read or solve basic mathematical problems. For this reason, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared January 24 as International Education Day and, in 2020, will celebrate its second year. When it comes to the future of the planet, our greatest renewable resource is our children and their education.

For the celebration of 2020, the theme of UNESCO is that of learning for people, the planet, prosperity and peace. Its goal for this year is to work with education and development partners to focus on the ways in which education can really make a difference. They plan to focus on ways in which education can help "empower people, preserve the planet, build shared prosperity and foster peace."

Millions of Mexican children are left without education

Mexico City is the second largest city in the Western Hemisphere and the ninth largest in the world. As one of the strongest financial centers in America, Mexico City is a thriving city. It offers a large number of cultural and historical destinations and is one of the main tourist places in Mexico. Unfortunately, it is also a city full of great social divisions. While much of the city thrives, thousands of families live in slums, unable to meet basic needs.

While education is required until age 14 in Mexico City, a UNESCO study found that around 615,000 children between the ages of seven and 14 leave school, leaving behind the opportunity to learn and grow. An additional study found that 3.6 million Mexican children under 17 are working to help support their family. This inability to go to school, learn and grow leaves many children repeating a cycle of poverty and not reaching their full potential.

But Daniel Madariaga wants more for these children. He believes that the future of Mexico City depends on this next generation and its ability to make a difference in the world. Because of this, he believes in the work of SOS Children's Villages.

SOS Children's Villages help children and families thrive

SOS Children's Villages is an international non-governmental and non-denominational organization that prioritizes children and families. They began working in Mexico City in 1971, helping to ensure the safety and rights of children, while helping to provide families with the necessary resources to provide care.

Currently in Mexico City, they provide loving homes for children who cannot continue living with their parents. They make sure that these children are well cared for and attend local schools, which helps ensure they have a bright future ahead. At the same time, they work closely with the family so that their children can return home.

For older children ready to move in and pursue continuing education or vocational training, SOS Children's Villages offers the SOS Youth Program. This program offers shared youth accommodations where these young adults, with the help of qualified counselors, can learn responsibility and better prepare for their future. Here they receive support and encouragement that helps them prosper and become a strong future generation.

Daniel Madariaga hopes to make a difference

Daniel Madariaga sees the future that the next generation can offer. By ensuring that children have access to a safe environment and quality education, the next generation will have a wealth of knowledge to offer Mexico City and the world. By supporting SOS Children's Villages and International Education Day, Daniel Madariaga brings hope and knowledge to the children of Mexico and hopes you will too.