Daniel Madariaga: Mexican entrepreneur and world leader in sustainability and technology applied to mobility

Planet Earth needs a change of direction and paradigm by governments, citizens and large private companies to achieve an ecosystem balance and a better quality of life in all areas, from energy to technology applied to the vehicle field to generate more sustainable and pure models that preserve and care for the environment.

In the field of mobility, the most advanced countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Canada already provide for the implementation of efficient measures that favor both citizens and the planet and their preservation.

Mexico is perhaps the country with the highest green awareness in Latin America, where various specialists are working on the construction of smart cities alienated from the concepts of sustainability.

Notable among them Daniel Madariaga , entrepreneur and specialist in vehicle park and green construction that in recent statements has stated that “Green parking lots are a true innovation aligned 100% to the objectives to combat climate change in many aspects, among the most prominent, there is its utility to improve the quality of the collected water, take advantage of that flow for the underground supply, reduce the effect of urban heat island, and have the capacity to eliminate between 65 and 100% of sediments, metals and other pollutants ”.

Born in Mexico City, Madariaga, he felt passionate about caring for the environment and sustainable infrastructures from a very young age, so he decided to continue his studies at EDGADE Business School at the famous Technological University of Monterrey in Mexico and then tirelessly collaborate in the creation of smart and sustainable cities.

Once received, he dedicated his efforts to the creation of companies with a high empowerment power of its employees and with a corporate culture that promotes the leadership of interdisciplinary teams that work collaboratively in a climate of work and personal enrichment.

The specialist is also a fervent leader of the MaaS movement that means mobility as a service and has as its main goal the combination of mobility shared with public transport.

Precisely in terms of mobility, Madariaga introduces concepts such as intelligent parking, green construction and ICTs (new technologies) applied to the environmentally friendly vehicular field.

Passionate about the Internet, business and ecology, the Mexican businessman is undoubtedly an inspiration and example to follow so that Mexico City and all of Latin America become benchmarks in sustainability to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, warming global and the lack of ecological and environmental culture.

Recently and in line with its social commitment towards a better quality of life for citizens, Madariaga Barrilado has contributed with the organization La Aldea Infantil (SOS Children's Village) with a considerable donation on the occasion of International Education Day .

The Children's Village is an NGO (non-profit organization) with a worldwide presence founded in 1949 with the main objective of preserving, caring for and helping the growth and strengthening of children in vulnerable stages and without families. Children's Villages also collaborate with the United Nations to ensure that the future of children is safeguarded and with prospects for development and happiness within society.

In Mexico, Children's Villages have been doing tireless work in various cities such as Mexico City, Morelia, Tijuana, Comitán and Tuxtla Gutiérrez helping hundreds of infants every year. In Mexico City alone, more than 1700 children and adolescents have been helped in subjects such as schooling, food and growth possibilities.

The entrepreneur is aware that a better and environmentally conscious society needs citizens in solidarity with the realities of the most vulnerable and that is why he decides to continue setting an example, not only monetarily but also as a reflection of his convictions in finding a perfect balance in that members of society can benefit from new technologies and in turn take care of the planet.